Features of Photo Sieve®

Group Your Photos into Albums

Create, save, and reload picture albums containing selected photos from anywhere on your computer.

Add titles, comments, or descriptive tags such as "location", "subject", or "family".

Add your own title and narrative. Change fonts and text color, indent, add links to other photos and more. Anything you add is stored inside your photo.

Easy sorting and searching

Photo Sieve® shows your custom categories, descriptive tags, title, filename, date, camera Exchangeable image file (Exif) tags (date taken, GPS location, shutter speed, etc.), and more in columns like a spreadsheet. Sort on one or more columns and search all stored text for matching text or a perl-like regular expression.

Menu commands

  • Hide or remove selected photos
  • Automatically resize columns to fit the text
  • Create new custom columns

View camera Exchangeable image file (Exif) tags

Photo Sieve® displays camera Exchangeable image file (Exif) tags such as date taken and shutter speed. If your photo includes a GPS position, Photo Sieve® displays the location on a map.

Easy sharing

Photo Sieve® stores all your custom tags and text inside the photo. All information stays with your pictures when you move or rename. Everything is automatically included when Photo Sieve® creates a zip file bundle of your albums or EcoRamble guides to email or post online for easy viewing by anyone with the free Photo Sieve® viewer or EcoRamble for Android and iOS devices.

Photo Sieve® free viewer

Photo Sieve® editor upgrade

Load and view Load and view
Add or edit the narrative or description
Add custom tags
Online help Online help, and E-mail help