Download the Free Photo Sieve® Viewer/Demo

Download the free Photo Sieve® Viewer v1.2.2 PhotoSieveSetup.exe for Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or newer. If your browser won't let you download exe files, download which contains the exe file.

  • Demo mode for many advanced editor features
  • View albums or project bundles created by the Photo Sieve® Editor
  • View photo folders on your computer.
  • Installs to the folder of your choice
  • Creates a shortcut
  • Provides an uninstall option

For extra security, the Windows exe file is protected with a code-signing certificate. Canzona Technologies should appear as the Verified Publisher during installation.

Try most Editor features with Photo Sieve® menu "Help/Demo" to activate Editor features except saving. Purchase and enter an activation code to upgrade to the full Photo Sieve® Editor.
  • Add text, category labels, and map markers
  • Sort and search
  • Create and save photo albums or project bundles
  • See the full list of features

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If you've been using Photo Sieve® for awhile and want to help test new features before they're released, visit the experimental version download page.

This copyrighted software is free, but may NOT be sold or included with anything for sale without written permission. Details are included with the program. Check the Message board for the latest information on this version.