Test Versions

Thank you for helping test Photo Sieve. There are no known problems, but it's not yet fully tested. As a precaution, please copy pictures to another test directory before loading.

Photo Sieve is designed to meet all Exif file specifications. As part of your testing, I'd really appreciate you viewing and editing pictures with other programs after editing with Photo Sieve. Then reload your pictures in Photo Sieve and check that all your edits are still there.

Another big issue is making sure it installs and runs reliably on various version of windows and OSX. Even if it's working flawlessly, please use menu "Help/Help by Email" and tell me a bit about your computer, operating system and how you're using Photo Sieve.

If you want to report problems, observations, or suggestions, please use the Help menu email selection. There are two checkboxes in the email dialog. One includes a log file of Photo Sieve's internal workings and captures a screen shot. The other checkbox attaches a copy of the picture in the upper left active image window. The log file and screen shot can be very helpful in diagnosing problems. The active picture is sometimes helpful but a large picture slows down sending the email. If you want to see what Photo Sieve is sending, it creates a zip file attachment in Photo Sieve's home directory where it keeps the picture albums. Thanks.